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Flow Systems Analysis

NLS / Flow Systems Analysis: $110


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Flow Systems Analysis is a method that is able to measure several factors of the fluid dynamics of the internal environment of the body.

This environment is often referred to as the "terrain" or "biological terrain". While the various fields of medicine examine, isolate, or treat one particular part or system of the body, Flow Systems Analysis gains feedback about the operation of the entire internal biochemical/electrical environment. This complete picture of information gives the health care practicioner a baseline on which to adjudge his selected course of treatment as well as an objective procedure for monitoring the real effectiveness of his treatment on an on-going basis. This dynamic form of biochemic biofeedback helps uncover the underlying cause or causes of a patient's imbalance or illness, rather than treating a list of "symptoms".

Let's talk about health and farming for a moment as they both have some things in common. Before a farmer plants his seed, he needs to be concerned with the balance of the soil in which he is going to plant. One of the primary things the farmer looks at is the sols pH balance, the mineral balance, hydration level, healthy bacteria levels and other factors that give him an idea of the soils "terrain" - i.e. the environment in which that seed is going to grow. If the terrain is unbalanced, that little seed is going to have a much harder time growing into a big, strong plant. As it grows, nutrient uptake from the soil can be diminished, leaving the plant with a poor "immune system" so to speak and it becomes more susceptible to disease, competing foliage and parasites in the environment. The need for herbicides and pesticides increases in proportion to the decreasing health of the soil.

Your body's cells are similar to that litte seed. There is a "soil" for your cells. It is your internal bodily environment. To maintain health, and to keep going strong, your cells need their own balanced terrain. This is their "biological terrain". And here also we are concerned with pH balance, mineral balance, hydration levels, good bacteria in the gut and other items of importance. Very simply, when these things are off balance, the body is off balance. And when it's off balance, it is reflected in the body's blood, interstitial and intercellular fluids. One of the most dynamic of bodily fluids is the blood.

By observing living blood under a microscope, we can get a real-time, dynamic and concrete visual perspective of the state of our internal biological terrain or body ecology. This however, is only a QUALITATIVE picture. But behind this qualitative picture lie the QUANTITATIVE numbers which "pushed" the picture into being what it is. It is these quantitative numbers that are the basis for Flow Systems Analysis, and it is the numbers offered through this form of biochemic biofeedback that lie behind the visual picture of blood which someone might view under the microscope. Quantifying the nature of the picture points the practicioner to the primary homeostatic balance points affecting health. This is the next step for clinical clarity of what the picture means and for providing spot-on client assistance.




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