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About Us

Ayala International provides internal body cleansing therapies and professional, specialized colon hydrotherapy treatment to the large intestine, according to protocols for each person individually. Benefits and limitations are limited to each individual, and his or her protocol.

Ayala International has worked with a referral network of related professionals since 1993, and has many satisfied clients. Our therapists have completed 1,000 classroom hours, and they have graduated from the best educational institutions such as LINDSEY HOPKINS TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, MOBILE SCHOOL OF MASSAGE and DOTOLO RESEARCH INSTITUTE. These schools are approved by the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (IACT).

Things To Know Before Your Session

  • Ayala International is a member of the IACT, which heightens the awareness of the Colon Hydrotherapy profession, ensures continuing and progressive education in the field of colon hydrotherapy, and implements professionalism beyond reproach.
  • Ayala International and its professionals have a code of ethics and policies on confidentiality.
  • Ayala International is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 am to 8pm by appointment.only.
  • The length of an average session is 60 minutes.
  • The first appointment for intake will be longer than subsequent appointments, and each client must have at least three (3) sessions, each one every (4) working days.
  • Each session must be paid in advance at the time it is scheduled, and any cancellation or reschedule must be done 48 hours prior to the appointment. The client has to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment.
  • Cleansing therapies are best used in combination with adequate nutrient and fluid intake, as well as exercise. At the first appointment, the client will have an explanation of any change or physical restriction and activity before and after the session.
  • At the first session, a needs assessment and an initial treatment plan are completed if the client is working toward specific goals that will require several appointments. This process takes 90 minutes, and constitutes the initial intake procedure. A medical history assessment and physical assessment are done to detect any contraindications prior to treatment.
  • Before each session, the therapist will discuss with the client the goals for the session, the proposed protocols, and methods.
  • A cleansing therapy session is a comfortable experience for many people. It produces no toxicity. Techniques utilized allow a gentle stimulation with the colon's natural peristaltic action to release softened waste. The inflow of a small amount of water and the release of waste may be repeated several times. The removal of waste should encourage better body function and elimination.
  • The client should inform the therapist if anything feels uncomfortable, and must understand a reaction should be expected when direct pressure methods are used.
  • During the session, most clothing can be kept on, and the client will be draped, or a gown might be worn to ensure modesty. Dignity is always maintained.
  • A shower is available after the session, and bathing at home before the session appointment is expected.
  • All treatment rooms are available with low lighting and music, if the client feels comfortable with that atmosphere.
  • Client policy, intake form, and procedure booklets are available before the scheduled appointment.
  • Ayala International has modern cleansing equipment that is manufactured through compliance with strict FDA guidelines that dictate rigorous accountability
Ayala International

Tallahassee, FL

2719 Blairstone Lane
Tallahassee, FL   32301
(850) 671-5400

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am to 8pm


Carrera 33 #42-99  
Barrio Cabecera Bucaramanga, Colombia
South America 
Telefono: 57-318-765-1692

Lunes a Viernes 9am to 5pm

Office Hours

Carlos travels between Tallahassee, FL and Bucaramanga Colombia each month to serve clients in both regions. As a result, office hours may vary. Please contact your local office for availability or login to the appointments portal to see available time slots.